About us


Kedo originates from the desire of innovating the current reality in the field of furniture by using carbon fiber, a material which features high aesthetic as well as mechanical characteristics, allowing to create ultimate shapes, pushing the limits of design to the extreme.


Carbon fiber is a black, fibrous material obtained through the oxidation process of a polymer. A single filament of this making has a diameter of 0.005 mm and about 3000 of them are joined to form a yarn which is later woven with others of the same nature to form a fabric. Then, this fabric soaked in epoxy resin, may be modelled in different shapes and forms.

The main fields of application of carbon fiber are the automotive and aerospace sectors, hence its notoriety with world-class brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The weaving of its filaments creates particular light effects, reason for which this material acquires great aesthetic value and is considered and used by top-tier fashion brands like Gucci and Chanel.


Kedo has created unique items able to satisfy the most demanding environments, thanks to the remarkable expertise acquired in over 15 years of working in the sector of composite materials and advanced technologies while collaborating with some of the most prestigious Italian companies.


The use of carbon fiber is a deliberate choice towards longevity of Kedo branded products. The mechanical characteristics of this fiber are superior to those of steel, hence allowing to obtain highly resistant structures able to withstand extreme solicitations. An example of which is our lounge chair, which can easily bear the weight and the solicitations of any person interacting with it on an aesthetic thickness of just 2 mm.

Each coffee table or tray we produce has a tempered glass top as a surface of use to ensure an anti-scratch effect, therefore an almost eternal aesthetic longevity. Regarding the chairs, we have considered a leather surface to ensure not only longevity, but maximum comfort as well.


Every creation has its own specific identity, but still maintain Kedo's unique style.

The recognizable twill pattern of carbon is paired with crystal, steel structures and esteemed solid woods, satisfying a wide range of demands.

unusual harmony